Cute Craft: Making Masks Isn’t Just for Halloween

Photography by Elizabeth Abernathy from Absinthe and Orange

Masks are a fun way to combine two kids’ activities into one: the crafty creativeness of making the masks from scratch and then the role-playing games that follow. At Absinthe and Orange, Elizabeth Abernathy puts a new and realistic twist on making masks with your children. As always, you can tweak the designs to your or your children’s liking. Let them make a mask of their favorite animal and then encourage them to act like that animal. It’s an easy way to teach them about sounds and actions and have them engaged in the craft-making process. Best of all, you only need a little string, some scissors and glue, an old envelope, a clean recycled cereal box and some paint. Best of all, this easy, affordable and environmentally friendly art project stimulates their imagination and can hang in their room when their done with them (provided they haven’t been destroyed by rambunctious play).

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