Cute Craft: Paper Snowflake Ballerinas (and Boba Fett, Too!)

Photo by Lola, Deviatsia

Whether you’ve been snowed under all winter, or are celebrating the few flakes drifting down (seriously, it’s bare grass here in Toronto), we think you’ll like these fun snowflake crafts.

For sci-fi fans, we found these awesomesauce Star Wars-themed snowflakes from graphic design site Matters of Grey.  They’ve got instructions to make paper Storm Troopers, Yoda and more. The R2-D2 snowflake is amazing.

We also love these dreamy paper snowflake ballerinas.

The paper project comes from Deviatsia blogger Lola, whose Russian language blog covers everything from crafts to space exploration.

Here are Lola’s instructions, translated from her original post:

  • Print the ballerina template, and place it on stiff cardstock. Trace and cut using a craft knife for finer details.
  • For each ballerina, make two snowflakes from 8×10 white paper. On each finished snowflake, make a single straight cut from edge to centre.
  • Slide ballerina into the centre of the first snowflake and attach with a piece of tape. Attach second snowflake using the same method, but sliding the ballerina in the opposite direction so the snowflakes overlap.
  • Tie or tape a piece of string to the ballerina and hang.

Blogger Clare Dempsey (at Cricut Crafty Clare) was inspired by the ballerinas, and figured out how to use her Cricut machine to make her own version. Even if you don’t own a Cricut, Clare’s post is is worth a look as she has some good advice and clear photos of the ballerina snowflake assembly.

For more fun paper craft ideas, check out these fun page corner bookmarks.

6 responses to “Cute Craft: Paper Snowflake Ballerinas (and Boba Fett, Too!)”

  1. Yula says:

    where is the ballerina template?

  2. .... says:

    wheres the template

  3. hh says:

    u click on the picture

  4. Clare Dempsey says:

    Thanks for mentioning my post! People without a Cricut can use Google images to search for a suitable ballerina too!

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  6. Canadian Family says:

    Hi Clare,

    Thanks for sharing! We think your ballerina snowflakes are super-cute and a are perfect craft for the holidays!

    Online Editor