Cute Mother’s Day Craft Ideas: Felt and Button Bracelets

A bright and fun craft for kids to make for a special lady this Mother's Day.

Photography from Sonja at Soduel

Mom-blogger Sonja said it perfectly: even though moms adore receiving the gift of a child’s hand print in paint, there are only so many hand-print turkeys, angels, snowflakes and sea monsters that can fit on the fridge door. As a result, Sonja, who runs the Soduel created this fabulous craft that can double as a sweet Mother’s Day gift.

These Felt and Button Bracelets are cute, colourful and wearable crafts that are easy to make but add eye-popping colour any mom would be proud to wear out-and-about. There are infinite ways to customize this felt jewelery from the colour of the felt, the cut ends and the button size, colour and shape. Make the trip down to your local craft or fabric store with your kids to seek out the most dazzling and unique buttons. It will be a regular craft store treasure hunt!

And if you thought this cute craft couldn’t get any better, the list of crafty pieces you and your little ones can create with any left over material is basically endless. Like these Felt Flower Fridge Magnets, or this beautiful Felt Flower Garland, or these unbearably adorable Handmade Bunny Finger Puppets.

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