Decorate Your Fridge With These DIY Glass Pebble Magnets

Photography by Jessica Acs, Outstanding Mini Albums

Whether you want to fancy up your fridge or decorate a boring cubicle wall, glass magnets are a great way to add some style and colour to your space. Sure, you can find sets of these magnets at various stores, but for a really personal touch, why not make them yourself?

We spotted this tutorial for DIY glass pebble and tile magnets over at Outstanding Mini Albums, the website of Jessica Acs, a scrapbooking pro who wrote the book of the same name. It’s a great craft for slightly older kids (i.e. ages 6 and up), as scissors and hot glue are required. We love that the possibilities for these magnets are practically endless—your biggest challenge may be finding enough room for them all on your fridge!

What you’ll need:
• Photos, decorative paper, stickers—whatever you want to decorate your magnet
• Glass pebbles and/or tiles
• Mod Podge
• Foam brush
• Magnets
• Craft knife (or scissors/round punch)
• Sanding sponge (optional)
• Glue gun

You’ll find the full tutorial for these glass pebble magnets over on the Outstanding Mini Albums website. Check your local dollar store for scrapbook paper, magnets and glass pebbles to keep this project super budget-friendly. Looking for another great DIY magnet craft? Check out these tiny Polaroid magnets. And you’ll find plenty of other great craft projects in our “Fun” section.

2 responses to “Decorate Your Fridge With These DIY Glass Pebble Magnets”

  1. Pam says:

    Where did you get the glass squares. I can find round ones but not square.