DIY Father’s Day Gift: Dad-Inspired Pillows

Dad’s old clothes get a makeover with this personalized craft

Photography by Chrissann Gasparro,

Is Dad’s wardrobe cluttered by button-down shirts that he hasn’t worn in years? Well, we’ve found a cool and simpler-than-you-think craft from Ducks in a Row that puts these materials back in use by repurposing them into trendy pillows.

Party planner Chrissann Gasparro provides easy-to-follow instructions that are perfect for those who are intimated by the sewing machine and might prefer to use a handheld stitcher (which works just as well!). These patterned pillows add a chic touch to your bedroom or family area, and are a perfect gift for Father’s Day. Dad will barely notice that they are the spawn of his unwanted shirts after you add some felt accessories that are characteristic of his personality and favourite things.

What you’ll need
• Dad’s old button-down shirts
• Pillow forms or old pillows to cover
• Sewing machine or handheld stitcher
• Scissors
• Fabric pen (optional)
• Pins

Full instructions for these DIY Pillows Made from Daddy’s Shirts (and how to make the oh-so-cute felt accessories), can be found on the Ducks in a Row site. While this craft may be too advanced for your little ones, they are sure to love these pillows just as much as Dad—snuggling up to these comfy puffs will remind them of him when he’s at work for the day. It’s definitely a gift that can be appreciated by the whole family.

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