DIY Harry Potter (or Hermione Granger) Costume

Want to deck your little out like one of the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? We can help.


Does your boy still yearn to be the talented boy wizard, Harry Potter? Does your daughter run around yelling “EXPELLIARMUS” all the time? We can help (at least with their Halloween costume, that is).

Most of the child cast from any of the Harry Potter books are simple costumes to make; most of what you need is a robe or cape, scarf, tie, glasses, a wand and a broom.

A robe can be made with this simple tutorial, or you can purchase a black graduation robe and print out and iron on the Gryffindor crest or cut it out and pin it on.

The Gryffindor scarf can be crocheted, knitted or easily made by gluing gold squares of fleece onto a red fleece scarf.

The Gryffindor tie can be made by taking a plain red tie and painting gold lines on it (easily done with metallic sharpies, fabric paint or regular paint).

wand can be made from a stick. Peel off the bark and use a piece of sandpaper to smooth down the sides. Apply  varnish to the wand to darken it.

A Quidditch broom can be bought at Home Depot or at a Halloween supply store, or you might have one at home that looks close enough.

Have him wear a white dress shirt, black or grey v-neck sweater, black pants and shoes under his robe, which will also keep him warm while trick or treating. Harry’s glasses can be purchased, or you can substitute these print-out glasses. His dark brown mop top is easy for most boys to pull off. If yours has lighter hair, there is non-permanent coloured hair spray. harry-scarIf you want to go all out, you can build a latex scar on his forehead or draw one on with red lip liner.

In some of the movies, she wears a skirt under her robe and sometimes she wears pants. Other times she doesn’t wear a robe (but we think the robe kind of makes the costume). If she is trick or treating and it’s cold out, have her layer leggings and a skirt under the robe or leggings and more leggings. A white shirt, tie and grey v-neck sweater under her robe are also perfect. A highly intelligent smirk wouldn’t go amiss either.

Same as Harry for the most part except no glasses and red/orange hair colour.


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