DIY is the New Black

Goodbye diamond encrusted dollar-sign pendants and designer baby cribs…hello hand-me down woolen skirts and DIY projects. With the thought of economic uncertainty being nailed into our brains by every news program, mass firing and store closure, it’s no wonder that the effects are being seen in the way we shop, or don’t shop for that matter.

While already fans of thrift stores, vintage finds and stellar deals, we are noticing that others are jumping on the frugal bandwagon. People are not only shopping with a thrifty mind, but they are getting crafty and filling the shopping void by turning something old into something new.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on us you might remember our Editor-in-Chief Jen Reynolds’ kitchen makeover in the Winter issue—we had quite a response to the makeshift message boards crafted from yard-sale metal trays. And if you remember back to our September issue we showed you a great way to reuse your old non-toxic bottles and old cans by decorating them with decoupaged paper or felt scenes for great desktop organizers.

Here are a couple more easy recycled craft suggestions that involve limited to zero craftiness:

Pillow case laundry bags: Turn your old pillow cases into toy bags for your rec room or use them as lovely laundry bags for your kitchen or kids room. Use ribbon or rope to cinch the open end.

Teacup bird feeder: With Super Glue secure a tea cup and saucer together and attach to a long wooden post. Fill with birdseed and stick it in your garden for a beautiful spot for your winged friends to feed.

Artistic placemat: Instead of leaving your kids’ artwork in boxes or cluttering up your fridge door, laminate their work and use it as place mats.

For more great recycled craft ideas check out the Project pages of our March issue (on newsstands Feb. 9) and find out what you can do with an old sweater, unread books and those pesky paint cans.

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