DIY Magazine Table (Made from Magazines!)

Do you have piles of magazines hanging around the house and want to keep them but don't have storage? Here's the perfect solution


I love magazines—there’s just something so relaxing about flicking through a new magazine with a steaming mug of hot coffee. Magazines inspire me not only with their interior stories, but also with the textures and colours on the fashion pages, the beautiful still-life food photography, and fascinating articles about creative people. This obsession means that each month I buy yet more magazines. As I find it impossible to throw them away, I came up with this fun way of storing them.


  • stack of magazines
  • leftover piece of wood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or board
  • pen
  • saw
  • sandpaper
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • small caster wheels
  • small wood screws
  • screwdriver
  • piece of glass the same size as your magazines (I used glass from an old picture frame)
  • binding twine or yarn


1. Gather together a stack of magazines. They need to be roughly the same size and, ideally, with the same binding color—for this project I chose white.

2. Measure out the base of the table by placing your largest magazine on the piece of wood and trace around it. Cut out the rectangle (I like to use a hand saw, but you could use an electric one).

3. Sand the rough edges of the base and paint it. I chose white to give the magazine stack a fresh feel. You don’t need to paint it too neatly, as most of the base will be covered with magazines—just make sure the sides are done thoroughly.

4. Attach the caster wheels to the base by screwing them in with little wood screws. Space them equidistantly so your table is stable.

5. Make your top magazine or page a beautiful one as this is the image that will be on view all the time. If you don’t like seeing the cover with all its type, opt for a stunning photo as I did here.

6. Start stacking, aligning your magazines as neatly as possible and as high as you like. My table is 12 in (30cm) high—if you go higher than this, it would be good to glue the magazines together for extra stability. You can also improve stability by putting the odd magazine the wrong way around, so the pages face you instead of the binding.

7. Clean both sides of the glass if necessary and lay it on top of your magazine stack. Remember that glass has sharp edges and is breakable, so this isn’t a child-friendly table.

8. Wrap the twine tightly around your magazine stack in several places to hold it all together, and tie in a secure knot.


If you wish, you can make a matching stool! Tie the stack of magazines tightly, but don’t add the pane of glass.


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