DIY Skull Potato Stamps

Save some potatoes and get crafty with these easy and spooky Halloween skull stamps

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For a quick way to decorate for a Halloween party, or for a fun Halloween craft, try making a skull potato stamp – just cut a skull template out of a potato for your kids to stamp on just about anything they want, or anything you will allow! Martha suggests tote bags, T-shirts, treat bags, and party favors, as stamp-able surfaces .

Here’s what you need:

– Potato
– Paring knife
– Melon baller
– Acrylic paint
– Skull template
– Treat bags or other object to decorate

To start, you will cut the potato in half; from there, you will reference the skull template for the design of the skull, scooping out the eyes and cheeks, and then carving the nostrils and teeth out with a knife. For specific directions, visit

This simple stamp will quickly add to your Halloween decor, and give your kids a fun Halloween craft to complete!

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