DIY Stitched Canvas Bag

Need a gift perfect for Mother's Day or any day of the year? This adorable stitched bag will show off a child's art and make anyone feel totally special.


You don’t need to be a master embroiderer for this tote; all you need is a snowy or rainy afternoon—make that two afternoons—and some patience. And the best part? At approximately $12 to make, this tote is fashionable and budget-friendly.

What you’ll need:
• Canvas tote bag
• Coloured markers
• A piece of your child’s art
• Tracing paper
• Embroidery hoop
• Embroidery needle and thread
• Tweezers
• Iron
• Iron-on backing


1. Use coloured markers to draw a piece of your child’s art onto tracing paper.

2. Place and secure the tracing onto a plain tote bag with an embroidery hoop.

3. Using embroidery needle and thread, backstitch the design through the tracing paper, onto the bag.

4. Once the design is complete, dampen the tracing paper to make it easier to detach, and use tweezers to assist in removing all of the paper.

5. Let dry; then iron on a piece of iron-on backing to the messy side of the embroidery to keep the ends tucked away.

TIP: Simple line drawings will work best for this project.


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