A DIY Wall of Fame to Show Off Your Child’s Artwork

A simple and extremely unique way to display (and constantly change) your displays of your children's artwork.


It’s tough to find the space to show off all of your little scholar’s crowning achievements (there are just so many!), but this DIY wall arrangement will help you keep their accomplishments and masterpieces up to date.

What you’ll need:

Frames (a mix of old and new, as well as painted and natural wood or metal looks best)
Binder clips
Magnetic tray
Tiny clothespins


1. Begin with a collection of frames, and remove the backings and glass inserts.

2. Lay out the frames on the floor to decide on the best arrangement, then hang binder clips, hung on nails within the frames, to make it easy to swap in new art throughout the year.

3. Add a magnetic tray to post news clippings, badges and schoolwork, or create a clothesline with string and tiny clothespins (found at many stationary and craft stores) to hang ribbons and awards.

Tip: We kept the glass insert in one frame and used dry-erase markers to turn Cavern Home’s “I See You” wallpaper into a funny-face drawing board that can be doodled on over and over again.


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