Easy DIY Ghostbuster Costume


Who you gonna call? No one! You can make this awesome costume at home, by yourself, spending very little time, effort and money. And it will be impressive. Seriously. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts (or a little elbow grease).

Start at the bottom. Any boots or shoes will work fine (we are fond of Blundstones but any heavy footwear will do for busting ghosts). Then the jumpsuit: either a flight jumpsuit (if you happen to have an army surplus store near you), a white painter’s suit spray painted beige, or beige cargo pants and a beige long-sleeved shirt will do. We found the Ghostbusters font (for your wee buster’s name) and logo online, printed them out on iron-on paper, ironed them onto white fabric and stitched them to the shirt for serious authenticity.

We added a belt to the ensemble and everything started looking pretty darned good. A pair of yellow sunglasses and a headlamp just about finished us off. We were just waiting for a proton pack to fall from the sky when we realized that our vacuum cleaner looked a lot like one. We detached the hose, attached it to a shoe box and wrapped the whole thing in duct tape in silver, black and yellow (we even made the straps out of duct tape).

Total, it took us about an hour to construct and our little was running around yelling “Who you gonna call…Ghostbusters!” in no time.

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