Eating Art: Rainbow Pudding

Photography from Katie Goodman via In The Kitchen

This delightful and edible art project is almost too pretty to eat! But the made-from-scratch vanilla pudding that acts as the foundation to these Rainbow Puddings will just be too tempting NOT to eat, no matter how pretty they are. Author Katie Goodman, from Craft: Transforming Traditional Crafts, a website that celebrates the DYI craft resurgence, really embodies the DYI mantra in her clear, step-by-step guide to creating this colourful snack from scratch. This snack, along with other St Patrick’s Day Treats would be a perfect edition to any kid-sized St. Patty’s party. But who really needs an excuse to create an edible craft that encompasses every colour of the rainbow? Happy Spooning!

A word to the wise: white may not be the best dress-code while enjoying this snack!

One response to “Eating Art: Rainbow Pudding”

  1. Awija says:

    wow… it look so good…