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Check out the reviews for Doodle Post - a monthly craft subscription for kids.


family-tested-logo As part of the Family Tested program, we asked Canadian families to test and review products so you can make smarter consumer choices.

Doodle Post is a monthly Canadian craft subscription for super creative kids ages 5-12. Doodle Post projects focus on small and simple crafts but aim to foster big imagination and self expression. The projects are designed to take 20-30 minutes and everything you need is in the kit. We had four families take this product for a test drive, check out the reviews for Doodle Post.

This Burlington family would highly recommend this as a gift or Christmas present and enjoyed her daughter’s sense of accomplishment when finishing the craft.

My five year old daughter received the package and upon shaking it, she heard things moving inside and even a slight jingle. This prompted excitement and questions immediately. From there, my daughter and I looked at all the colourful pieces and she wanted to do the craft right then and there. The instruction sheet was easy to follow, complete with detailed steps and pictures! For a five year old who is learning to read, the picture steps were perfect for her to understand the steps required to complete the craft.

The craft (bottle top magnets) was easy for my daughter to do relatively independent of my help. Everything you need to complete the craft was included (glue, cut out decorations, magnets, etc.) I’d like to point out that this was a craft involving smaller paper parts to attach – the glue was a pen glue with a fine tip which made it extremely easy for her to do on her own. The smallest decorations that needed to be glued required some parental support, but other than that, she did most of it herself. The completed craft was beautiful and my daughter had a great sense of accomplishment.

The craft from start to finish took about 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t a long craft which could be a downfall if you want to do something longer with your child. However, attention spans of young ones aren’t often long in duration, so this would be perfect.

I would highly recommend this as a gift for birthdays or even Christmas. It’s exciting for children to receive something fun in the mail and the finished product looks fantastic. She’s proud of her work and her creativity came alive decorating the bottle caps. My daughter gives the Doodle Box two thumbs up!

– Charmane Papps, mom of 1, Burlington, ON.

This family used words like “awesome” to describe Doodle Post and would recommend it to any families with craft loving kids.

We received Doodle Post in the mail and immediately the kids were intrigued. What is this brown box? Is this for us? What’s inside? Can we open it?

My children are 5, 4 and 2, but all kids love mail, so the fact that this comes right to our door was a big plus in our books. And it fit in our mailbox, which surprised me. I always expect any sort of craft to be in a really big box but this was much smaller so it interested me as well.

I sat down with my children and we opened it up together. What fun! Stickers, bottle caps, funny little mustaches, a tiny bottle of glue and colourful dots. What in the world could we make with this?

Luckily there were instructions that easily described what craft we would be making: bottle cap magnets! Not only would the kids be able to make something fun, but they would be able to see their useful craft every day as it held up their tiny Picasso drawings on our fridge.

Step by step, we all went through the instructions. My oldest, at five years old, was able to do the craft completely by himself. Layering tiny pieces of paper and using glue proved a little more difficult for the younger ones. They needed a little help but all in all, it was so much fun for all of them!

My oldest said it was “awesome” and my four year old giggled through the entire process.

The only downfall to this particular craft is the glue did not hold. We had to super glue the craft afterwards, when part of it fell off the fridge. But that’s only for this particular craft and obviously wouldn’t apply to each and every doodle post sent to our door.

My kids still want to look at their magnets every day and are very protective over them. Their magnets need to be holding up their own pictures, and if one goes missing, we’re all on our hands and knees looking for it.

I would definitely recommend this product to a family that loves to sit and do crafts. Even though it was great fun, I wouldn’t recommend this to families with children with low attention spans.

– Seanna Thomas, mom of 3, Petawawa, ON.

Although this Whitby mom found the craft to be over quick, and would like to see more substance, the family enjoyed their Doodle Post craft nonetheless.

The package was much smaller than we first expected, about the size of a greeting card. But upon shaking it we knew there were crafts to be explored inside. Our kids ripped it open to find the contents and the craft of the month. We had a bottle cap magnet activity. It looked interesting, and very well laid out but again, it was a little ‘less’ than we expected in terms of materials.

Essentially we were provided with very clear instructions in fun and easy to understand language. We were provided with just enough materials to make 4 magnets.

There were cutouts of paper, alphabet stickers; clear domes to seal the magnets and the needed glue stick and magnets that would stick on the back. So I do give them a thumbs up for including ‘everything we’d need’ to complete the craft.

Our 9 and 7 year old daughters, were able to customize their magnet with the fun cutouts that were provided. The idea here was to layer different paper cutouts that would go under the plastic dome. There were hearts, stars, even cute mustaches.

The end result was great, the magnets are on our fridge holding up all kinds of daily artwork!

The craft was simple and not messy in anyway. However, it only took our children about 15 minutes to complete from beginning to end. It definitely wasn’t the kind of craft you’d get into to fill a rainy Saturday afternoon.

As a review, I’d say I’d consider subscribing to this service, but want to see more in terms of materials. The layout of instructions and materials was perfect, I just would have expected more.

I think each of my children would have been thrilled to make 5 magnets each, this would have kept them busy longer and also stimulated more creative ideas. Also considering the cost per month – $30/3 months or $100 for 12 months, I feel like I’d like to see a little more value in each package. We do give Doodle Post big kudos for the creative ideas and also for giving a percentage of their profit to Canadian Kids Arts Programs.

– Shelley Ayres, mom of 2, Whitby, ON.

Doodle Post was a big hit with this Quebec family and who found crafting was a great way to spend family time together.

Firstly, my kids were really excited to receive something in the mail. The box was well-designed and still fit into our community mailbox (no parcel card). We received a kit to make four magnets.

I was very happy to test this product for two reasons – the first is that though I would love to be more “crafty” with my kids, it is something with which I really struggle. I find it hard to come up with the time and materials. Though my kids love to make crafts, I much prefer to outsource it. This was great because the box came with everything that I needed from the instructions to the glue to pre-cut decorative pieces. The instructions were easy to follow and two of my children (6 year old girl and 4 year old boy) were able to complete the craft easily. The kids enjoyed making the craft and they liked that there were lots of extra bits and pieces so they could pick and choose and had leftovers.

I liked that it was clean and concise and therefore I felt as though I was able to enjoy making it with them (without having to worry about the mess that I would have to clean up). There was still a lot of selection within the materials so they could still be creative and do their own thing but there was little waste and little to clean up afterwards. That is something I really appreciate.

Secondly, we made great magnets. Magnets are always useful and the kids love seeing their art holding up, well, other art! The materials were all of a high quality and they did what they were supposed to do.

I think this product would make an excellent present for a child. We all love getting mail and it is something that you can sit and do with your children or it is something that an older child can complete on his or her own. It is nice they offer different subscription lengths so that you can do 3 months or up to a year (i.e. you can choose the value of your present). I know that my daughter is really difficult to buy for as she isn’t really in to toys. When people ask for ideas, I often suggest movie tickets or a gift card for her favourite restaurant. Now, I can suggest this as well as I think we would both really appreciate it.

Freya (6-year-old and loves to make crafts) said, “it is good you can use these magnets to hold up my drawings from school. Wait, why are you using my magnets to hold up Felix’s certificate?”

Hugo (4-year-old) said, “I love making stuff with you. The glue is tiny just for me.”

– Annalisa Turner, mom of 2, Quebec, QB.

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