DIY: Felt Heart Clips for Valentine’s Day

DIY felt heart pins to celebrate love on Valentine's Day and all year round!


Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so 2015…this year we’re planning on wearing it in our hair, or perhaps on our lapel…or maybe even pinned to our hats!


And our littles are no different…they’re getting into the act with these great DIY felt heart clips that we’re helping them make for themselves, their classmates, friends, teammates and even their teachers!


These clips—that can be for hair, lapels, jackets, hats, bags, shoes…you name it!—are super simple to make…so simple in fact that we’re not even going to write out the directions.


Instead we’ve put together a little video of the steps so you can make them yourself…or put the video on for the littles and they can make them. In the vid we just did a simple stitched heart with an alternate colour patch on top. Go as crazy (with sparkles, beads, buttons and trim) or as plain as you like…let’s all wear our hearts where those we care about can see them!


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