Five Quick, Easy and Cheap Costumes Your Kids Will Love

cf_halloween1_mainOkay, so it is the night before a Halloween-themed birthday party and—yes with less than 2 weeks before D-Day—your kid is still costumeless. Don’t fret, we’ve got your back with five easy-peasy costume ideas that will take 15 minutes to put together. And, if your kid is putting up a fuss about the fact that there costume isn’t bought from the same Big Box store as everyone else, we suggest you make a scavenger hunt out of it and let them help find all of the missing pieces to their costume.

1.The backwards kid: Just wear everything backwards—collared shirts, loose fitting pants, and baseball caps work great.

2. Spa girl: Find a bathrobe, matching hair towel and slippers and add some green face paint (or an actual facial mask!).

3. Edward Cullen: All you need are some fangs and maybe some pale foundation, and costume-shy tweens will be happy they can wear their own clothes.

4. Hulk kid: Put their old, outgrown clothes to use and have your little guy busting out of an old pair of jammies with a twinge of green skin.

5. Paparazzi: If your kid is more of a behind-the-scenes guy or gal, have them dress all in black and follow their friends around with a camera snapping pictures.

Well, now that you’ve dug yourself out of another mess, is time to start planning for next year, right? Check out these 67 seriously simple kids’ costumes.

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