Fun Spring Craft Idea: Plant Pals

Photo by Disney Family Fun

One of our favourite parts of spring has to be the return of bright, beautiful colours to a dull, winter-weary landscape. It’s a great time to pull on some rain boots and explore nature with your budding botanist. But when things get a little too soggy outside, you can bring the outdoors in with this great eco craft idea from Disney’s Family Fun website.

Called “Plant Pals,” this craft is a lot like a homemade Chia Pet. Little ones decorate plastic containers with googly eyes and stickers to create a custom character, then flex their green thumbs as they plant and care for grass seeds, which will eventually grow into a wild head of “hair.”

What you’ll need:
• Plastic cup(s)
• Potting soil
• Grass seed
• Decorations (Googly eyes, stickers, etc.)

The website will give you the full instructions for your Plant Pals craft, as well as some tips from other families who’ve given it a try (like using old pop bottles instead of plastic cups—brilliant!).

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