Fun Summer Activity: Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Photography by Julie Finn, Crafting a Green World

There’s no better place to be than outside on a sunny summer day. But once kids tire of playing tag, riding bikes or splashing in the pool, you may need a little extra creativity to keep them entertained. Why not give them a bucket of sidewalk chalk and let them unleash their creativity on the driveway? Better yet—have them make their own sidewalk chalk first!

We stumbled upon this idea over at Crafting a Green World, a site that provides great DIY craft and project ideas with the environment in mind. It was shared by Julie Finn, who is also the creative mama of two behind the blog Craft Knife. As Julie points out, making your own means having the freedom to create your chalk in any shape and colour you want—which crafty kids are sure to appreciate.

What you’ll need:
• Plaster of Paris
• Disposable mixing containers
• Chalk molds (e.g. toilet paper rolls, old muffin tins)
• Pigment (e.g. food colouring, powdered tempera)

You’ll find the full instructions for this project over at Crafting a Green World. Once your chalk is ready, it’s time to hit the pavement and get working on a colourful driveway masterpiece. And when you’re all done, just hose down the canvas and start again!

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