Fun Summer Craft: Make Your Own Fairy Flower Crown

Wondering what to wear to your next tea party? This DIY fairy flower crown is the perfect accessory!


I don’t have very much patience for anything that involves extensive weaving. (This pretty much eliminates any kind of knitting, crocheting, and rug-hooking projects.) So I was quite happy when my youngest daughter showed me how to make a very easy crown out of clover flowers that doesn’t require any weaving or tying or complicated knots. (Yay!)

The final result is so sweet I had to share it here. The clover flowers are everywhere now—and they smell lovely, too!

What you’ll need: 

  • Freshly picked clover flowers, with the stem intact. (You need a 3–4″ bit of stem on each flower to make this work.)


1. Use your fingernails to carefully split the stem of the clover flower down the middle. Don’t split the stem all the way down, you’re just making a slit large enough to pass another stem through it.

2. Pass a new flower through the slit you’ve made. Make another slit in that stem, adding flowers as you go. (I found a great visual tutorial over here.) Note that if you make the slit farther from the flower it will space them out more and you will require fewer flowers to complete your crown.

3. You can trim the stems down a bit after you’re done, but this is totally optional.

You can easily make this crown with dandelions, too. In fact, my daughters have made giant golden chains of dandelions when they come out in the early summer and decorated the tree branches with them. It’s a very pretty effect, but we like to make crowns best of all. It’s something for us to do during lazy summer picnics, and it makes an excellent wearable decoration for a fairy tea party, too.


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  1. Margo Taylor says:

    I love making flower pens