Get Organized With This DIY Dry-Erase Calendar

Photography by The Aesthetic Writer

We’re big fans of budget-friendly crafts and activities—especially those involving paint chips. We’ve talked about turning paint chips into a great summertime game and using them to help kids learn colours, but what about a paint-chip craft that’s just for adults?

We stumbled upon this awesome DIY dry-erase calendar idea on Pinterest and traced it back to The Aesthetic Writer. Apart from being budget-friendly, we like that you can easily customize this calendar by choosing colours that best suit your personal taste.

What you’ll need:
• Paint chips (large square ones will work best)
• Scissors
• Glue
• A picture frame with glass (The Aesthetic Writer opted for 12″ by 16″)
• Black dry-erase marker

You’ll find the full details for making your own DIY dry-erase calendar over at The Aesthetic Writer. Because this project is cost effective, you may want to create a few extra calendars with your kids to help them keep track of important school dates and extracurricular activities. For more easy ways to get organized, check out these tips for creating a chic home office.

One response to “Get Organized With This DIY Dry-Erase Calendar”

  1. Linda L. says:

    Collecting paint chips from a store when you have no intention of purchasing paint is theft. The store doesn’t get them for free.
    This project would work just as well with squares of coloured paper.