Glow Lamp

Stuff you need:

  • piece of black construction paper
  • small pieces of tissue paper in many different colours
  • small glass jar such as a jam jar
  • small candle such as a tea light
  • scissors
  • white glue and small glue brush or glue stick
  • newspaper
  • paper clips


1. Cut the construction paper in half lengthwise. Bend one of the pieces into a circle that fits over the jar without touching it. Make sure that it is long enough to overlap by 1/2-inch (1 cm). Glue on some extra construction paper if you need to make the circle larger.

2. Fold the paper in half three times. Press down the folds. Cut out simple shapes along the fold lines. Heart, wedge or scallop shapes work well. Do not cut at the bottom of the folds. Open the paper.

3. Put the paper on newspaper and spread a small amount of glue around the edge of one of the shapes. Try not to get glue on the newspaper. Place a piece of tissue paper over the glue. Press down and trim off excess, if necessary. Continue until you have covered all the shapes. You may need to use a clean sheet of newspaper after a few shapes to avoid getting glue on the front of the construction paper.

  • Glue the ends together on the inside to make a circle. Hold together with paper clips until dry.
  • Put a candle in the jar and ask an adult to help you light it. Place the paper shade over the jar.

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