Green Crafts: Spring in a Can!

Photography from Camilla Fabri at Family Chic Blog

With all that white stuff outside (and more undoubtedly on the way), give your house a fresh feel by adding a little spring green to your dinning room table. Forcing Spring in a Can on the Family Chic blog by Camilla Fabri plays on the tones of recycle and reuse with Creative Living Ideas for Families. There is nothing more simple than using a clean old soup can and a little paint to create a unique green craft to breathe a little spring life into your home. Your kids will certainly love banging in the cans with a hammer (under watchful eyes, of course), then slathering on their favourite colour of paint, planting a bulb and watching it grow. And when the snow finally melts and you find your slumbering garden in all that mud, it will be an effort to keep your sprouts from replanting their sprouts! Happy Growing.

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