Green Living: World Water Day 2011

Photography from Todd Baker via Flickr (CC)

This week, we celebrated World Water Day! It’s a day to think about an element of our lives that sometimes get’s taken for granted here in North America, and especially in Canada, where freshwater is abundant. For now.

WWD began in 1993 as a United Nations Environment and Development initiative to highlight one of the world’s most precious resources. Each year had a new theme, from Water Quality, to Water Scarcity, to The International Year of Sanitaion. This year we celebrate Water in Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge.

When living in the city, it can be hard to cultivate that connection between land, water sources and the environment. Here, we turn on a tap and there’s the water. But by practicing water conservation at home, whether rural or urban, we CAN make a difference, reduce our impact and reconnect.

There are 100 ways to conserve water in your home, and some are so simple, you could palm-forehead yourself for not thinking of it sooner! Another key to conservation is education and it is never too early for your kids to understand earth’s water cycle (in sing-song, of course).

And EcoKids makes saving water around the house fun and easy! A cool project to get your kids thinking about water is to make their very own rain gauge. Just a few recycled plastic soda bottles, a ruler, a magic marker and some duct tape and they’ll be ready to measure those April showers.

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Happy Splashing!

– Courtney, CF’s Digital Intern

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