15 More Handmade Holiday Gifts

Handmade gifts say so much to the person receiving them.

Even though we love shopping and buying gifts for everyone, we know that the holidays don’t have to be about how much money you spend on someone. The true holiday spirit is about the giving, not the gift.

Here are 15 gifts you and the kids can make—relatively easily—for almost everyone on your list.

DIY Stitched Canvas Bag


You don’t need to be a master embroiderer for this tote; all you need is a snowy or rainy afternoon—make that two afternoons—and some patience. And the best part? At approximately $12 to make, this DIY tote is fashionable and budget-friendly.

Shark Pencil Case (with Metal Teeth!)


This pencil case is sure to please anyone with a penchant for the sea, sharks or just slightly scary tooth-filled animals.

Simple Wrap Gilet


This stylish wrap is made with the simplest of construction, meaning that even the most novice arm knitters will be able to create their own garment in no time!

Dinosaur Planters


We’ve all seen those gorgeous dinosaur planters on etsy. But, why order one (and pay big bucks for it) when you can make one (or a dozen or so) as gifts?

Braided Headphone Cords


A seriously simple way to jazz up headphone cords, charger cords or even eyeglass cords. Just use a couple of simple braiding techniques.

Magazine Table (Made from Magazines!)


Do you have piles of magazines hanging around the house and want to keep them but don’t have storage? Here’s the perfect solution—and a perfect gift.

Cushion Canvas Art


Iron-on transfers are simple yet impressive. You can easily whip up a bunch of these over a weekend, swapping the cushion for T-shirts, tote bags and aprons.

Dip-Dye Curtains


With just a hint of colour, this technique is great for the colour-shy or to introduce a quirky edge to a monotone room. They make a perfect gift for new home owners or that person on your list that you know loves to redecorate.

Make Rock Candy


Grow colourful, delicious sugar crystals on a stick and teach the kidlets a little about science while making these perfect present toppers or stocking stuffers.

Circus Juggling Balls


Older kids can use these to practice juggling (here’s a great video tutorial to get them started), and the younger ones can use them to play simple games like ring toss and hot potato.

Knitted Travel Blanket with Pocket


This simple blanket features a handy pocket into which the whole thing can be folded and stowed away. It also doubles up as a comfy pillow—ideal for travel!

Owl Pocket Pillow


An owl pillow with a little pocket. Perfect for remotes, notes, little books or anything!

Sweater Tote Bag


Felt an old (or already shrunken) wool sweater. Turn inside out, cut out the neck and remove the sleeves so that two handles are left. Sew the bottom closed. Voilà, a bag!

Unique Bookends


Breathe new life into favourite toys that your kids have outgrown (or that have seen better days) by upcycling them into cool bookends.

Edible Gifts


Bring the kids into the kitchen with you to whip up a batch of holiday gifts that are both fun to make and easier on your pocketbook.

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