Holiday Greed Got You Down? Try our Random Act of Kindness

Bluey and Squidopus courtesy of Sara

The radio keeps asking “what to get for the person who has everything?” and your nephew’s wish list keeps getting longer and longer. There is no denying it, holiday greed has struck! As if that isn’t enough to get you down we Canadian Family staffers are also sick of the recent spat of gray days that have blocked out the sunshine. In order to pick up our mood from the gloomy doldrums, and avoid binging on more chocolate than the human body can metabolize, we have decided to try out some random acts of kindness. After all, the best way to feel good about yourself is to make some one else feel better!

It is amazing how uplifting it is to let your creativity have free reign for awhile! We  made these adorable little plushies from some fleece and stuffing and plan to deposit them some where in Ontario to brighten some-one’s day. The inspiration for this little bit of home grown Santa-like stealthiness came from the amazing Toy Society, which encourages people to leave homemade toys in fun spots for strangers to find (and love).

This is a fabulous activity for the whole family, and a great way to include more altruistic generosity in our everyday lives. We love the global feel to this initiative and think that the best way to combat the seasonal downer of more, More, MORE, is to give, Give, GIVE!

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