Homemade Toy Idea: Cute Cork Boats

Photography by Jonah Lisa Dyer, Jonah Lisa Land

Looking for an inexpensive, easy activity to keep kids busy on a lazy summer afternoon? We recommend taking up sailing. No, not on a big fancy boat (though that would be nice), but the kind of sailing that requires only a few household items and a bit of water (ponds are great, but small inflatable pools work just as well!) to facilitate an afternoon of fun.

We stumbled upon this idea for homemade cork sailboats over at Jonah Lisa Land, the blog of crafty mama Jonah Lisa Dyer. It’s a simple craft project that will not only keep kids busy as they assemble their ships, but will also provide plenty of entertainment once the mighty boats have been launched.

What you’ll need:
• Corks
• Glue Gun
• Toothpicks
• Scissors
• Crafting Foam
• Small Eye Screws
• String
• Sticks/Tree bark

You’ll find the full Cork Boat tutorial over on the Jonah Lisa Land website. We love the idea of attaching these little rafts to pieces of string so that kids can easily retrieve them when they’re finished sailing. Why not get a few of the neighbours together this weekend and host a cork boat race, complete with yummy snacks and colourful ice cream floats?

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