How to Make Your Own Hacky Sack

Get your ball-happy kids in on the fun by making—and learning to use—hacky sacks of their very own this summer.


Footbag, or as it is more popularly known—HACKY SACK—has existed as a competitive sport since 1972. But did you know that Canadians reign as international champions in the annual World Footbag Championships?

Give your kids something to do (making hacky sacks of their own) and something to keep them active (playing hacky sack) this summer with this great craft (that requires materials you likely already have at home!).


  • Rice
  • Three balloons (for each sack being made)
  • Scissors
  • Funnel
  • Spoon


  1. Blow up each balloon and then let the air out.
  2. Cut the necks off the balloons and using the funnel, fill a balloon with rice until it is completely full. Push down to compress it, and twist to keep the air out.
  3. Stretch a second balloon over the first, in the opposite direction so that the twisted part is covered.
  4. Take a third balloon and cut out designs with scissors. Stretch it over the ball to make the hacky sack stronger. The colour below will show through the holes, revealing a playful pattern.

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