How to Build the Best Lemonade Stand on the Block

Setting up a lemonade stand takes very little work for a whole afternoon of fun and frivolity (and lemonade!).


Are your kids budding entrepreneurs? Perhaps they have a favourite charity they want to raise money for. Help them whet their appetite by setting up their very own lemonade stand. We found these amazingly helpful instructions for setting up a stylish stand over at

Of course, the key to a successful business is a good product, so help your littles cause a stir by creating this refreshing homemade lemonade. One sip and the whole neighbourhood will be hooked!

Three tips to a successful lemonade stand:

1. Help them choose the best location

If your kids are really looking to make money (perhaps they are saving up for something special or want to donate it to a charity), you’ll want to help them set up at the right location. The more foot traffic, the more they’ll sell. Good ideas are a busy corner, a neighborhood rummage sale or event, or even as a special project with a school or church festival (with permission, of course!). Of course, you’ll need to invest some time in helping them travel there and set up (plus supervision of course). If you want to let them just run with it, have them set up in your front yard.

2. Put them in charge of set up (and clean up)

Once you’ve decided on the location, they’ll need to set up. This can be as simple as a folding table or cardboard box. You’ll want a place to set up lemonade, cups and a box or jar for money. Let them be in charge of setting up, washing the cups and cleaning up afterward. They’ll also want to make a sign to advertise how much their lemonade costs. This is a great way for them to start understanding money and math. Make sure they have all the basics, including napkins, cups (provide a discount for those that bring their own reusable cups), a  pitcher and add-on treats such as butter tarts, peanut butter and jelly bars and jelly bars or chocolate blueberry squares.

3. Teach them about being friendly and outgoing to customers

Generally, if a kid wants to set up a lemonade stand they’re probably outgoing already. Sometimes, they need just a little extra push. Suggest to them that they ask each customer a fun question like “what is your favorite color” or “what is the last time you went to the park” Sometimes, these conversations ends up being their favorite part of the whole experience. Once everything is ready to go, remind your little ones that service with a smile will skyrocket their customer satisfaction. With this sweet recipe for success, your kids will be turning lemonade and

With this sweet recipe for success, your kids will be turning lemonade and treats into dough in no time!


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