How to Make a Unique Family Tree Display

Trade in boring picture frames for this one-of-a-kind photo display.

25 Fun and Easy CraftsFamily Tree

Show off your family history and all of those precious moments with this decorative family tree.

What You’ll Need:

  • Coloured paper
  • Clear-drying craft glue
  • Clips
  • Curly willow branches
  • Family pictures


1 Fold origami paper into flowers. Lily-like shapes suit this project well. (We have instructions here for origami lilies.) Soft silk flowers are a fine substitute.

2 With dots of clear-drying craft glue, adhere base of flower to leaf. Fold leaf to cover flower; hold until glue sets (keep it clamped with a clip if it makes your life easier).

3 Put it together! Glue leaf-covered flower to a suitably sized clip (look for a length that’ll be mostly hidden by the flower). We found drugstore hairstyling clips held photos best. Clipped on curly willow branches, this memorable family tree looks just as lovely hanging as it does draped over a mantle.

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