How to Make Confetti Popper Party Invitations

Let friends know about your next big bash with these fun confetti popper invites

Photography by John Cullen

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a backyard BBQ, these festive invites are the perfect way to give everyone the deets!

What you’ll need:
• Confetti poppers (packs sold at dollar stores)
• Confetti (made with a hole punch)
• Paper
• Pen or marker
• Ribbon
• Glue stick
• Tissue paper

1. Set off the poppers, remove all confetti, disassemble popper and reset the spring (sounds a bit confusing, but it becomes obvious as you’re doing it!)

2. Cover the outside of the popper with paper.

3. Make an invite chain with ribbon and plain paper circles (as shown).

4. Stuff confetti and invite into emptied, reset popper.

5. Attach a piece of tissue paper with a glue stick to the open end, sealing in the confetti.

6. Attach a cone-shaped piece of paper to the top and ribbon pieces to the bottom.

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    How do your guests know how to open it?