How to Make Your Own Easter Name Game

This DIY guessing game is great Easter fun for the whole family.

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Put your bunny brains to the test with this table game that can be played by all. Just set out a pair of rabbit ears (felt or card stock are best) for each player and create card featuring your favourite bunnies, like Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and Thumper.

Take turns picking a character (no peeking!) and posing questions to the rest of the gang until you guess which famous rabbit you drew (ie. “Am I a cartoon?” “Am I from a movie?”).

Tip: Add pictures to the cards if you’re playing with younger kids.

What you’ll need:

• Felt or card stock
• Scissors
• Measuring tape
• Needle and thread (if working with felt)
• Tape or glue (if working with card stock)
• Printer paper with bunny names
• Mini clothespin


  1. Use tape measure to determine what size of band you’ll need for your ears.
  2. Cut felt or paper to size and sew/glue ends together to create band.
  3. Attach rabbit ears to band.
  4. Print out small cards with rabbit names.
  5. Affix rabbit name to headband with mini clothespin to play the game.


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