How to Make Your Own Glimmer Paint

Photography by Disney Family Fun

Busting out the art supplies only to find that your wee one has run out of paint is not a pleasant discovery—especially when your little artist wants to work on her latest masterpiece right now. But with a few basic ingredients that are probably already lurking in your kitchen cupboards, you can mix up a batch of DIY glimmer paint in no time flat. Art crisis averted, thanks to the team at Disney’s Family Fun website.

What you’ll need:
• Flour
• Water
• Salt
• Food colouring
• Squeeze bottles (one for each colour)

You’ll find the complete instructions for making your own glimmer paint on the Family Fun website. And if you’re looking for more DIY paint ideas, check out this guide to making bathtub puffy paints, and our instructions for whipping up some non-toxic face paints for playtime.


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