How to Sew a Hem: Clearest Tutorial Ever

Can you sew a faced hem? Yes, you can!

Hemming is one of those skills that is slowly seeping out of the average home and is being relegated to the grandmothers and tailors and seamstresses of the world. But how fantastic would it be to take that hand-me-down and make it fit without having to call in a favour or even leave your house?! Or stitch up those adorable found-on-sale-and-bought-even-though-they’re-too-big-he’ll-grow-into-them pants?

Enter Craft, who has just released their excellent Sewing 101: Hems tutorial by Nicole Vasbinder. Full of clear instructions, images and materials lists, this tute will get you hemming in no time, whether you want to do a blind hem, a bound hem, a faced hem, a twin needle hem, a serged hem or just your standard topstich hem.

Bye-bye droopy drawers! Hello hems.

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