How to Turn an Empty Water Bottle Into a Stylish Cuff Bracelet

Give your empty plastic water bottles a new purpose with this simple and stylish craft idea

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

This simple craft idea is a great way for your wee ones to put those empty plastic water bottles to good use, while adding a little extra flair to any outfit. We love that it’s quick, easy and oh-so budget friendly.

What you’ll need:
• Plastic water bottles
• Scissors
• Fabric
• Fabric markers (optional)
• Craft glue

1. Cut of the top and bottom of the water bottle (Smartwater bottles work the best) until you have one large smooth piece.
2. From that part, cut three plastic strips and duct tape each down with curling side down.
3. Cover the top with glue and apply colourful fabric (with handmade designs) to the cuff.
4. Let dry and trim to 18 cm by 3 cm with rounded edges.
5. Roll the bracelet up into a tight swirl and leave it for another hour to dry. After that time, unroll and wear.

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