Individualize Your Kids’ Notebooks

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With your kids having just gone back to school, they may have noticed that half the class has the same notebooks, pencil cases, or binders. If your kids like to have things that are unique to them, this pocket book craft is a great idea; it allows them to create a notebook, with their personality, individuality, and interests in mind.

Great covering options range from postcards, wrapping paper, and magazines. Maps, sheet music, or wall paper are also good alternatives. “Kids can fold them over white paper [or lined paper] so there’s a place to write. Staple in center. Clear-plastic pocketed sheets, made for baseball cards, will protect and show off each book.” If your kids already have notebooks, another idea would be to cover over the existing cover by measuring and gluing the paper or fabric directly to the existing cover, or creating two pockets at either end of the cover, to slip the binder into.

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