Keep Those Pants On with No-Sew Stick-On Patches

Photo by John Cullen

Between T-ball on Tuesdays, ball hockey on Thursdays, drama on Saturdays and regular playtime in between, the pants you bought your tyke in the spring are now barely passable for a play date. Thankfully, Canadian mommy Andrea Winarski, whose own boys led her to the idea, created GrabAScab, a cleverly crafted line of no-sew, no-iron, stick-on patches that can be cut to fit your tiniest pants monster and thrown in the wash. You can also use them to personalize lunch gear or to mend backpack holes. $7, GrabAScab.

Our family testers said: “Lucas showed off his new favourite pants to all his friends at daycare as soon as he got there. The patch survived a busy day at daycare, an impromptu and rather erratic breakdancing session at the mall and who knows how many more adventures.”–Kim Latreille, mom of Lucas, 4, Toronto

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