Last-Minute Father’s Day Craft: Candy Bar Letter

This fun gift is sure to satisfy Dad's sweet tooth on Father's Day this year.

Photography by Holly Cressall,


This Candy Bar Letter is a great last-minute Father’s Day gift for any dad with a sweet tooth. He can enjoy this thoughtful and funny note with the kids, who will be eager to help him out with eating all the candy.

This craft, found on Bits of Everything, is super easy to put together. The kids will love coming up with silly sentences about Dad as they try to fit in as many candy bar names as possible on a poster board. Tape or marker can be used to cover up parts of the names to make things a bit easier. It’s a gift that’s sure to give everyone a good laugh.

What you’ll need:
• Poster board or card stock
• Candy bars
• Sharpie marker
• Tape

The full instructions for this yummy gift can be found on the Bits of Everything site. We also love Lil’ Luna’s take on this craft, where she framed the candy bar poster with a photo of the kids behind it. This way, when Dad’s done eating his treats, he can display the frame in his office.

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One response to “Last-Minute Father’s Day Craft: Candy Bar Letter”

  1. Dawn Moreno says:

    I think that work at home Moms have a great advantage when thinking up cool crafts for Father’s day and other holiday’s. Decorating mugs, making cocoa from scratch. All great ideas :).