Beautiful DIY Centrepiece with Spring Flowers

A fun DIY flower decor used from items around your garden that will bring some colour into your home.

Photography by John Cullen

Want to add a little more colour to your home? Plant some sunny spring blooms in a nest you’ve fashioned from your garden.

What you’ll need:
• Stalks, blades and branches from around your yard
• A clean yogurt container
• Small twist-ties
• Sheet moss
• Flowering plants of your choice

1. Clip a handful of stalks, blades and branches and wrap them around a clean yogurt container, securing the ends with small twist-ties.

2. Fill in gappy spaces with green sheet moss and more branches until the container is hidden and you are happy with the shape of the nest.

3. Slip young daffodil and grape hyacinth plants in the container, and your family can watch them develop into beautiful blossoms within days.

Tip: Place in bright, indirect light and keep moist. Blooms will last longer in a cool spot.

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