Make All-Natural Paint Popsicles!

Photo from Clementine Art

Sounds good enough to eat doesn’t it? Well after we saw these Clementine Art Summer Paintsicles we can tell you they certainly looked good enough to eat. But edible they are NOT. These adorable paints are a breeze to make and clean up but best of all they’re made from Clementine natural paint which is free of chemical dyes and petrochemicals.

To make your Paintsicles pour the paint into popsicle moulds, small paper cups or an ice cube tray. Place popsicle sticks or tongue depressors in the middle of each mould and freeze overnight.

To demould the paint, dip the mould in a warm water bath and gently wiggle the sticks out. If you use paper cups, gently peel away the paper from the frozen paint.

Because painting can get a little messy, head outside to set up a painting workspace. Lay down heavyweight paper and let your kids’ (and your own!) inner artists come to life. Check out the Clementine Art blog for some inspiration.

And if you’re looking for an edible version of a fun treat on a stick check out this easy and healthy recipe to be the heat this summer. Just don’t confuse your popsicles with your Paintsicles!


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