Make Bedtime Safe Again by Building Your Own Monster Chaser!

Photography By Carlo Mendoza

My daughter went through a phase where she was afraid of the dark and was scared to go to sleep. She was up several times a night.

One day I went to the dollar store and came back with a bag of craft materials, including colourful feathers, Popsicle sticks, foam shapes and pipe cleaners. Together, we made a monster chaser.

With the sticks I created a frame. To that we added feathers and pipe cleaners to tickle and poke them—the foam shapes do other terrible things to any monsters who dare try and come into her room. The final touch was a photo of her grimacing at the monsters.

Let me tell you, that Monster Chaser worked like a charm and she slept soundly after that!”

– Martin Hamel, dad of Vivianne, 6, Varennes, Que.

Thanks to one of CF’s family testers for sharing this great bedtime solution! What’s your best tip for coaxing your kid to sleep?

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