Make Twig Stars

Want a fun outdoor craft kids can do any time of the year? Twig stars are perfect...and it will keep them busy for a while making a while bunch of them.


There’s a lot you can do with twigs. Yes, I know you can use them to poke your brother. And yes, that’s right, you can use them to point and laugh at your brother. Oh, OK, and to challenge your brother to a duel.

But believe it or not, you can use a twig for more than just annoying your brother.

For example, how about making some twig star decorations?

No. They are not good for throwing at your brother. Really. Sometimes I give up.

First, go hunting for some twigs. As well as old ones under trees, in late winter and early spring you might even be able to find some very colorful ones — this is the time dogwood (Cornus) is cut back and it has lovely red or yellow stems. It is also when you may find some pussy willow stems (Salix caprea) — these furry buds add a touch of glamour to your star.

twigs, twine and/or garden wire


First, cut or snap your twigs into six equal lengths. Arrange them into two triangles and use twine to tie them together. If you find this tricky, you could use thin garden wire instead. Then place one triangle upside down over the other to form a six-pointed star. Again, use twine (or wire) to join these where they overlap.

You can even make a five-pointed star with no twine or wire at all. First, you need a twig that is very bendable — a slender twig of willow (Salix) is perfect. Make the first bend at about 6–7 inches (15–17.5 cm) from the thinner end, then another four bends at 4-inch (10 cm) intervals. Next make a “4” shape from the first three sections, before bending back the final two pieces to form the last two points on the star. Use the excess at the end of the first section to tie the last piece in place.


If you leave a long section at the end, this star can even act as a wand. Perfect for woodland fairies.




Tip: These stars make wonderful decorations—especially if sprayed with red, gold, silver or white paint.


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