Make Your Own Adorable No-Sew Sock Bunnies

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Get everyone hopping to their feet for a game of beanbag toss with these no-sew sock bunnies—a craft that doubles as a game! Younger kids can go completely no-sew and use fabric markers to draw on bunny’s eyes and nose, or glue on some pre-cut foam shapes and googly eyes. Older kids will be able to try their hand at a little simple sewing to embroider eyes and noses onto their bunny creations.

What you’ll need:
• Old socks
• Beans or rice for filler/weight
• Strong or ribbon
• Scissors
• Needle and thread (optional)
• Glue and embellishments (optional)
• Fabric markers (optional)

1. Fill socks with beans or rice
2. Use string or ribbon to separate a portion for the head and another for the ears
3. Using scissors, split the top of the sock to make ears
4. Decorate bunny’s face as desired
5. Use a basket for a bunny hole and adjust the toss distances to suit peeps big and small.

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    How much would you sell them for ?