Make Your Own Autumn Art!

Grab some leaves that are still on the tree (don't forget to jump into the leaves on the ground first), and head inside for a creative craft that will inspire your little artist and leave you with something seasonal to hang on the fridge.

Image courtesy of eHOW

With the official first day of fall being today, it’s fitting that we would suggest this easy fall craft; all that is really needed to create these works of art are leaves, paint and paper.

Kaboose offers detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make this craft. With only a little bit of prep work, your kids will be stamping leaves in no time!

You and your kids will need to pick leaves from the trees; ones that have already fallen are too dry and brittle. To test the leaf, bend it slightly and if it breaks, it isn’t fresh enough. The leaves will need to be pressed overnight in a heavy book.

Tip: Try different shaped leaves for some variety.

Want more fall crafts? Check out these three easy options.

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