Summer Craft: Make Your Own Paper

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens

There’s nothing better than teaching kids how to appreciate where basic things come from; like paper. So why not give the best lesson by helping them to create their own using scrap paper, dried flowers and herbs and a little bit of time and effort.

Better Homes and Gardens provides a step-by-step tutorial with detailed photos to make your own beautiful – and scented! – homemade paper.

• Paper (white copy paper or construction)
• A blender and a sponge
• Dried flowers and herbs
• A tub big enough to fit the screens
• Deckle (a wooden frame with a screen on one side)
• Mold (a wooden frame with a screen on one side). Deckle and mould kits are available at craft stores.
• Nylon screen the size of the mould
• Cotton tea towels
• Rolling pin
• Blotting paper
• A Heavy book

For the rest of the tutorial click here and be sure to check out CF’s favourite simple paper projects that the whole family will love.

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