Make Your Own Pinwheels

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens

Give your next BBQ tablescape an extra touch of playfulness and colour with these DIY pinwheels. Made with scrapbook paper and attached to a small wood dowel these pinwheels look adorable when placed in the middle of a potted plant.

The best part is they’re completely customizable depending on the paper and patterns you use. Let the kids add sparkles, stickers and their own artistic touch to their pinwheels.

• Paper, fabric or foam material
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Straightedge or ruler
• Glue gun or crazy glue
• Straight pins with plastic heads or aluminum screw posts (like the ones used in scrapbooks and photo albums)

To start, cut a square of material to the desired size. With pencil, draw two lines between the opposite corners of the square, using a ruler or straightedge. Make four cuts along lines, starting at each corner and stopping three-fourths of the way to the center of the square, as shown in the pinwheel diagram. Poke a hole through every other corner and through the center of the pinwheel. Be careful not to poke too close to the edge or the hole may rip when the pinwheel is assembled.

Fold the pricked corners into the center. If using a pin, push the pin through the pricked points then through the center hole. If using a screw post, push the screw post through the underside of the square and then through the pricked points. Secure with a screw and attach to a small dowel with a glue gun or crazy glue. Make sure an adult does the gluing and be sure to let the glue dry before displaying or playing with the pinwheels. Enjoy!

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