Make Your Own Retro Ring Toss Game

Craft some old-school fun with this retro ring toss that's a cinch to make.


Looking for a new game to keep your wee ones entertained this weekend? Grab a few inexpensive items from the hardware store and you’ll be well on your way to creating a super-fun game that will turn your living room into a mini carnival.

What you’ll need:
• Wooden dowels
• Wooden mount
• Wood paints and brushes
• Mini flower pots
• Sharpie markers
• Rope
• Painted beads
• Hot glue
• Sealer

1. Attach wooden dowel to painted wooden mount.
2. Draw on a jaunty face with marker.
3. Top with hat made from painted mini flower pot.
4. Make rings by cutting rope to size, threading on painted beads and using hot glue to join the ends.

Tip: Use sealer to protect the wood against moisture if you plan to bring your ring toss outdoors. For more great DIY games, check out these cute owl bowling pins and DIY juggling balls.

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