Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

It's time for sidewalk masterpieces. Instead of buying chalk this year, have the kids make their own (in whatever colours and shapes they want!)


There’s no better place to be than outside on a warm spring or summer day. But once kids tire of playing tag, riding bikes or splashing in the pool, you may need a little extra creativity to keep them entertained. Why not give them a bucket of sidewalk chalk and let them unleash their creativity on the driveway? Better yet—have them make their own sidewalk chalk first!

Besides keeping them busy for a bit (and perhaps out of your hair while you enjoy a cup of coffee nearby), making their own chalk means having the freedom to create it in any shape and colour they want—which our crafty kidlets are sure to appreciate.

• Plaster of Paris (available at Home Depot)
• Disposable mixing containers
• Chalk molds (e.g. toilet paper rolls, old muffin tins)
• Pigment (e.g. food colouring, powdered tempera paint)


1.To make nice, big chalk sticks, seal one end of a toilet paper tube with duct tape. To make other shapes of chalk, search your recycling bin for other containers, as well as your baking drawers and toy bins.

2. Follow the instructions on the plaster of Paris package (make about 2 cups), and add your chosen pigment in small amounts until to achieve the colour you want. If the mixture becomes too thick or too watery, stir in more plaster or water until you have a thick but pourable consistency.

3. Pour the  plaster into each mold, knock it on your work surface a few times to release air bubbles, and let it rest until set, which will take a bit longer than indicated on the directions on your plaster of Paris package, since you’ve added pigment.

4. Once your chalk is ready, it’s time to send those littles outside so they can get working on a colourful driveway masterpiece. And when they’re  done, just hose down their “canvas”, and they can start all over again!

Do NOT pour any unused plaster down the drain. Rinse containers outside with a garden hose, or use items that can be discarded (because they’ve already seen one too many uses).


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