Max of Where the Wild Things Are Halloween Costume

Your child will be king of the wild things with this homemade costume inspired by the classic kids book. Let the wild rumpus start!

Photography by Geneviève Caron

Photography by Geneviève Caron

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are by fashioning a little Max of your own.

Max Costume
Total Cost: $25

Take a look at a larger image of the finished costume.

What You’ll Need To Make It:

  • White or off-white hooded terry cloth robe
  • Matching towel
  • Hot-glue gun and glue
  • Adhesive-backed Velcro tape
  • 4 wood buttons
  • 3 black pipe cleaners
  • 1/4 metre of white faux fur fabric
  • White craft foam
  • Metallic gold poster board
  • Brown craft fur

How To Put It All Together:

1. Using a finished edge for the bottom hem, cut 2 rectangles from the towel and sew 2 tubes for legs; sew or hot-glue raw edge to bottom hem of robe. Affix Velcro tape inside front flaps of robe (allowing for overlap). Sew buttons down the front flap. Halve pipe cleaners and hot-glue end of 3 pieces to each side of the hood at cheeks.
2. Cut and sew a tail from white fur fabric; stitch to back of robe.
3. Make hand and shoe covers with towel scraps; fold edges under and hot-glue to prevent fraying. Cut and hot-glue craft foam claws to covers. Use hot glue or Velcro to attach hand covers to sleeves.
4. Cut crown from poster board and affix brown fur trim with hot glue.
5. On the day: Dress child in costume and top with crown. Place covers over shoes and secure at back with hot glue.


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