Nature Craft: Make Rock Dominoes

Want to make something simple and fun out of rocks? Make rock dominoes!


Image courtesy of Martha Stewart


No longer just a pebble in your shoe, rocks can be an inexpensive and classic form of entertainment. Whether they are being skipped across a pond, groomed into pet rocks or used as paperweights and door stoppers, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s another possibility:  Make a game out of them!

We found these unique rock dominoes on that are simple to make and time-consuming enough to occupy a summer afternoon.

First, send the kids out hunting for 28 like-sized stones. Then paint them black (or a similar dark colour) and allow them to dry.

Finish them off by using a white pen to draw lines and dots. Start by drawing a line down the centre of each, and then mark them with two sets of dots in every combination from zero to six.

Set them aside to dry, then pull out the picnic table and enjoy a well-deserved game of dominoes!

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