Prime Time with Kids: How to Make a Painted Leaf Window Display

This easy fall craft is messy, fun and perfect for your little artist-in-training


Photo Courtesy of Donna Erickson

Need a good excuse to delay washing your windows this month? Try this one. Collect shapely autumn leaves, grab some poster paint and let your kids’ artistic talents shine on the glass with painted leaf designs.

When you use real leaves as patterns, discover how the painted outlines cascading down the panes in dazzling fall hues add a whimsical focal point to your indoor decor.

What you’ll need:

  • a variety of leaves in different sizes and shapes
  • orange, yellow, red and brown poster paint
  • small paper plates
  • 1-inch pieces from a household sponge
  • spring-type clothespins or chip clips
  • newspaper
  • fine-tip black or brown marker (optional)

Here’s the fun:
1. Collect fresh, flat leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes. Arrange them on your work table the way you want them to appear in a stenciled form on your window.

2. Attach rolled pieces of masking tape to the backsides of the leaves and stick them on the window, keeping a little space between the leaves. Make sure the leaves lie flat against the pane.

3. Pour a small amount of paint onto the paper plates. Attach a sponge piece to a clip and dab lightly into the paint. Mix colours for interesting shades, if you wish. Blot the sponge on newspaper to absorb excess paint, then lightly dab around the edges of the leaves. Change paint colours as you go, using a new piece of sponge for each colour.

4. When the paint is dry, carefully remove the leaves from the window to reveal the eye-catching leaf outlines. Draw in veins with a marker, if you wish.

5. When you are ready to remove the leaf patterns from the window, wash gently with soap, water and window cleaner.


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